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Benton Heights Celebrates Black History Month

The children adore Miss Sparkle. She always entertains them with her storytelling and musical instruments. They give her a giant hug before she leaves.

“The students at Benton Heights Elementary School of the Arts have been celebrating Black History Month over the past few weeks,” said Lynette McCoy, Principal, “We have learned about various inventors and some students have really been creative themselves by writing songs about events in Black History.” This Thursday, February 23rd, BHESA will celebrate Black History with a program that many students will participate. There is a Thursday evening performance so the friends and families of our students can join the celebration.

“Our class has been having so much fun celebrating Black History Month,” said Miss West, Pre K teacher, “In the past few weeks, we have read tons of books about famous athletes, authors and inventors and learned all about Martin Luther King and Rosa parks.” She believes that it is never too early for children to learn about equality and standing up for what they believe in. West said, “Mrs. Sparkle, an artist from Blumenthal, came to our classroom to teach the children all about life in Ghana, West Africa.” “She played great music, showed traditional African clothing and taught the children hand games and dances.” West thinks this is a wonderful way for the children to experience different cultures without leaving the classroom.

Benton Heights is a partner school of the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center in Charlotte. Through this partnership, Benton Heights has approx. 160 visiting professional artist lessons on our campus each year. Our students experience artist like Ms. Mosley who enrich our studies through various art forms in their classroom. Through our partnership entitled “Royal” (Reaching our Young Artistic Learners) We are now celebrating our 8th year together.


Written by: Robin Pettit, Computer Technology Instructor
Posted: Feb 20, 2012 by Robin Pettit

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