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3rd Graders are going global

The third graders are doing a study of Hungary this year. Each week all 4 classes research a "Question of the Week." Each week in the computer lab, Mrs. Wallace helps students research the question. Throughout the week, 2 students from each class goes to the library. Mrs. Williams helps them create a powerpoint on their question along with facts and pictures. After the powerpoints are complete all 3rd grade classes go to the library to watch the slide show. Each student that helped create the powerpoint gets the opportunity to present their information and show off their work! With the help of Ms. Borbas, who has family in Hungary, the 3rd graders are learning many important facts about the history of Hungary.

As we are trying to become "global learners" this year, the 3rd graders had a very special visitor. Ashton Shoaf, a 3rd grader, invited his uncle from Germany to come speak to the students. Mr. Sebastian Marth and his mother Allima Pleil told students about life in Germany. They included details about money, food, school, traditions and facts. Students were given the opportunity to ask questions. Mr. Sebastion also brought along German money for the students to examine. We appreciate them both for coming to share with our students!


Written by: Anna Rorie, 3rd Grade Teacher
Posted: Feb 24, 2012 by Jennifer Williams

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