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Students Learn From Carolina Navigators

CHS Spanish students skype as part of a program with Carolina Navigators.

Virtual technology has been an effective means of connecting students globally in Ms. Stacie Thompson’s Spanish classroom this year. During February, 2012, 64 Spanish I and 33 Spanish II students skyped with Ms. Lizzie Smith, a UNC student and member of the Carolina Navigators. According to Ms. Thompson, “She shared her experiences as an exchange student in Costa Rica and talked about the dialect used there. For example, they do not use the ‘tu’ form as all the other Spanish speaking countries do to say ‘you.’ Instead they use ‘vos.’"

“I contacted Carolina Navigators to see if Ms. Smith could present about Costa Rica since we are studying Central America in Spanish I, and in Spanish II we are learning about the variations in Spanish used in different countries,” said Ms. Thompson. A program of the Center for Global Initiatives, Carolina Navigators enriches the education of both UNC and K-12 students with cultural resources and interactive classroom presentations by Carolina students who have international expertise. Students learned about Costa Rican culture and the variations in Spanish there. Students also gained knowledge about study abroad and the resources available to participate.

"The students enjoyed hearing from someone close to their age about resources for traveling abroad and about her experiences as a student going to college there. They listened to the presentation and were then able to ask questions of their own,” said Ms. Thompson. For more information on Carolina Navigators, please visit http://cgi.unc.edu/navigators.

Written by: Stacie Thompson and Paula White
Posted: Feb 25, 2012 by Paula White

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