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Communities Past and Present - A Study by Second Grade Students

In Social Studies, the second graders recently studied communities, past and present. During the unit of study, students learned how communities changed over time. They viewed pictures of Monroe, then and now, with the help of our media specialist, Mrs. Shaw. She presented this information using a flip chart and the promethean board. Many students were able to identify the buildings and areas of Monroe. 

The students also learned about the types of communities in which they live. They identified whether their community is a large city, a small town, or a quieter outlying area. Using recyclable items, they created a rural, urban, or a suburban display.

To help understand communities, now and long ago, the students wrote letters to grandparents or older family members. In this letter, the student asked this special person to share what life was like when they were seven or eight years old. We wanted to know how things changed from then until now. Their special person returned their letters and the class read them, discussing the changes. We have received letters from a variety of states within the United States - from North Carolina to California. Letters from England, Scotland and South Africa were also received. The letters are displayed in the second grade hallway.

Written by: Diann Harvey
Posted: Feb 27, 2012 by Diann Harvey

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