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Piedmont's Great Race

 At 6:00 PM on Thursday, February 23, students, their families, and the vast majority of faculty gathered together at Piedmont Middle School to partake in a “Great Race.” Created as an effort to promote one of Dr. Davis’s key objectives for Union County Public Schools—globalization—this event proved to be a great success for all who participated.

Teams began in the gym, where they were given a map to the various ‘countries’ throughout the building, as well as instructions on completing activities, having their ‘passports’ stamped, and receiving ‘exit visas’. The ‘Race’ pitted teams not only against the clock, but also created immediate camaraderie amongst families and friends as they vied against one another in order to win prizes and accolades.

The following quotes were overheard both during and after the “Great Race.”
“…one more amazing example of how Piedmont celebrates teachers, students, and community as one big family.” --Margaret James (Art)
“It was exciting to see the parents in a learning environment and the whole family having fun together.”
--Patti Griffin (Biotech/Keyboarding)
“It was a great experience seeing parents and kids working together and having fun at the same time. They were very into the activities and spirit of the race.” --Lindsey Gallagher (Computer/Multimedia)
“I had a parent I had never seen before thank me for staying late and telling me how much he appreciated all the teachers for putting in personal time to have the event! I almost cried…we ARE appreciated!”
--Angie Gwinn (EC Language Arts)
“I enjoyed seeing families working together. Parents allowed the student to do the work, but encouraged and gave them guidance!” --Mary Kiser (7th grade Social Studies)
“This was a great example of bringing globalization to the community in a fun and family-centric way. Miles of smiles from staff, students, and parents.” --Anne Radke (principal)
“Lots of ENTHUSIASM from everyone. It was an event that was heard around the world.”
--Doc Bready (7th Social Studies)
“Quote from a parent…’Next year, I’m wearing shorts and sneakers.’ Traveling around the world was a great workout.” --Kristen Crossley (7th Social Studies)
Special thanks to the following organizations who generously contributed prizes for the event:
• Compare Foods (Monroe)
• Grand Asia Market (Stallings)
• Subway
• Zhong’s Authentic Chinese Food (Monroe)
• Piedmont PTA
• La Vida Mocha (Monroe)

Written by: Mrs. Laura Wormick
Posted: Feb 28, 2012 by Karen Barbee

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