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Rocky River Sweeps the Field

Ben, Mrs. Rodriquez and Gibran with their trophies

Thursday, April 29th, Fairview Elementary School hosted Juego de Letras 2010, the county wide spelling bee. Rocky River sent two competitors, Ben Gundersen, a 4th grader from Mrs. Weidner's class and Gibran Perez, a 5th grader from Mrs. White's class. Both boys were nervous but they knew that they had studied very hard and were ready for the challenge.

In each round, students had to spell the word and write it correctly in order to continue to the next round. As the rounds continued, both boys were still there, spelling each word they were given, with confidence.  Mrs. Daisy Rodriquez, Rocky River's Spanish teacher, was so excited and nervous for them.  "It is hard to be in the audience.  I am nervous for them when they are spelling and so proud of them when they get it right". 

At round 12, there were 5 spellers left.  By round 15, there were only 3 competitors left, both Ben and Gibran were still standing and spelling. At round 16 the students were asked to spell the words aloud only in order to keep the pace moving.  Round 19 left only our Rocky River students, competing against one another for the title.  At Round 20 they told the boys that they had 5 minutes and then a tie would be declared.

Ben Gundersen held on for 2 more minutes to become the champion, bringing home the trophy to Rocky River for the second year in a row.  Gibran Perez won second place helping Rocky River sweep the competition. 

We are so proud of our two students and all of their hard work!

Written by: Kelleigh Bland
Posted: Apr 30, 2010 by Kelleigh Bland

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