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Media Center happenings

This year in the media center, things have changed quite a bit. There is no longer a media assistant and the schedule has been modified. Last year, classes were scheduled on an as needed basis and classes could possibly come to the media center several times during a week to do research and work on projects. This year classes are on a rotation where they come once a week for three weeks and then they have guidance for three weeks.

During their time in the media center students have done a variety of things. They started out the year learning about the media center and how to use materials in the library. Then, students began doing different research and technology projects depending on their grade level. Younger students used the program TumbleBook Library to read ebooks online, they learned how to use Kidspiration and created thinking maps about famous authors, and more. Older students have used Moodle to write on online forums, created brochures on North Carolina, and produced book trailers about books they are currently reading.

Students in 4th and 5th grade are currently studying famous Black Americans. They are doing research on various people. They start out looking for information on their person's background, personality, obstacles, significance, and more. Once all of their research is done they are go to ReadWriteThink.org and create a Bio Cube about their person. They simply type in the information they have already found and then print, cut, and tape their bio cube together. Students can then present the information they found to their peers in the form of a neat little cube!

The main goal of the media program is to teach students how to access, and effectively use, the materials in the media center and to also prepare them with 21st century skills. The world of information is changing every single day and students need to know how to access materials and use them to make their school experience a success and then carry those skills into whatever career they choose for themselves.


Written by: Jennifer B. Williams, Media Coordinator
Posted: Feb 28, 2012 by Jennifer Williams

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