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Globalization = Collaboration

Piedmont students congratulating the winners on their project.

In an effort to model what globalization truly is, Piedmont High School and Unionville Elementary joined together to teach our community about the poverty and critical situations that are currently taking place in Uganda. PHS teammates, Angie Medlin, Tracy Price and Annette Harris collaborated with the 3rd grade teachers from Unionville, under the leadership of Jodi Robinson, and their 3rd grade students. Piedmont’s New Global Citizens, National Art Honor Society, and Ms. Davis’ Foods II class participated in presenting a PowerPoint, judging the third graders’ projects, and preparing refreshments for the reception following the ceremony.

Uganda has a significant problem with orphans from HIV/AIDS, which is a service learning project of Piedmont's New Global Citizens movement. Through House of Hope, our students have learned how to help others no matter how far away they are. Ms. Medlin shared this passion with the 3rd grade cohort team at Unionville. According to Medlin, "Our high school students learned about the Ugandan culture from the 3rd graders. It was great seeing the reciprocal learning that took place."  We hope this is the first of many collaborations with Unionville.  An interactive art show and exhibition was the result. On February 7, over 175 people attended the exhibition at Unionville Elementary School. New Global Citizens members shared refreshments that were made by the Foods II class. The 3rd grade cohort at Unionville taught their students about the plight of Ugandans, allowed the students to conduct research on the problems, and then supported their efforts as they made symbolic mobiles and stories that were clever, creative, and captured the essence of what globalization can be. The artwork was judged by NAHS members.

New Global Citizens members, led by Kayla Russell, Kasey Williams, and Taylor Summerville, gave a short presentation to reinforce what the 3rd graders had already learned; 'to those whom much is given, there is much responsibility to make the world a better place.' It only takes a small step to begin, but they all matter when it comes to educating the world on the injustices that exist and the many ways we can all help solve them. The event came full circle when Piedmont teachers Tim Yelton and Brandon Griffith came in as third grade parents with their children, who led their peers in making the world a better place through their outstanding work with others.


Written by: Addie Sykes, National Art Honor Society
Posted: Mar 05, 2012 by Donna Helms

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