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DECA Presents: Trick My Trailer

Michael L’Hommedieu and Chris Blackham

For the ninth straight year, marketing students from Weddington High School competed in DECA competition on the district and state level and qualified students for international competition. This year, Chris Blackham and Michael L’Hommedieu qualified for international competition in Louisville, Kentucky and presented a thirty page business proposal called Trick My Trailer to an international judge as part of the ‘Learn and Earn’ team competition.
This past fall, Chris and Michael, along with DECA President, Carley Chimenti organized the renovation of the driver’s education trailer in front of the school as a DECA fund-raiser. The DECA officers created a material price list from Lowe’s and Home Depot and with the help of Matt Smith (DECA Alumni); students created a budget and presented it to Principal, Brad Breedlove. After approval, DECA officers developed a seven phase plan to be completed by Thanksgiving.
Through Mr. Henderson and Ms. Kowalo’s marketing classes, students and DECA members fulfilled man power needed for renovation. This included power washing, painting, installing underpinning, and landscaping. For each phase, DECA officers closely managed material costs and implemented waste reduction where appropriate. By Thanksgiving, ‘the trailer’ took on a new look with shutters, underpinning, and drought resistant bushes called ‘proven winners’. “We learned a lot of real world skills and applied them to the trailer project” says Chris Blackham. Michael L’Hommedieu adds “It was exciting to watch the changes happen each month.” After final phase completion, Seth Cranford designed and painted a Weddington Warrior sign to attach to the trailer. DECA Advisor, Patrick Henderson said “This project was a huge success because it offered many students ‘hands on’ management skills to accomplish project goals.”

Written by: Cheryl Edwards
Posted: May 01, 2010 by Cheryl Edwards

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