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Who Said "Learning Can't Be Fun?"

The more loops the better. These boys look like they are ready for a down hill race.

To Mrs. Forbis’ first grade class this is just another day of school. To Mrs. Forbis, this is another day of learning. Mrs. Donna Forbis (first grade teacher) at Benton Heights Elementary School of the Arts knows if you want a child to get excited about learning, you need to get them actively involved.

Mrs Forbis’ class has been using the hands-on approach to study and learn about the properties of motion. Forbis explained the process, “We built the track to include two ramps, with students observing and recording in their science journals what the differences were in the speed of a marble when they added a third ramp.” She said,“As we extended the tracks to include three ramps, students realized the incline and the length of the ramp made a huge difference in the speed at which the marble would travel.”

Mrs. Forbis believes that learning can be fun. When a child is actively involved they are more likely to remember what they have learned. She stated, “You could see the students excitement as their marbles raced across the ramps and through the loops without falling off.” “Not only have they learned a lesson, but they learned science is fun!”

Written by: Robin Pettit, Computer Technology Instructor
Posted: Mar 07, 2012 by Robin Pettit

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