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5th Graders Adopt Giant Panda

Students at Stallings Elementary School took on a challenge by Celeste Tardy and Autumn Chandler to adopt Yangtze, a Giant Panda through the World Wildlife Federation. The girls worked together with Payton Flowe and Bridget Longacre to try to save the Giant Pandas from becoming extinct. It is estimated that there are only 1,600 pandas remaining in the wild today. Fifth grade teacher, Mr. P.J. Theiler, taught their class about ecosystems and that drove the students to do something about the plight of the panda. Pictured with their certificate, letter, and a picture of the adopted panda from WWF-  from left to right are the students: Celeste Tardy, Payton Flowe, Autumn Chandler and Bridget Longacre.

Written by: Janice Deane
Posted: May 03, 2010 by Janice Deane

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