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KidzArt Globalization Mural

Globalization mural painted by KidzArt crew at Stallings Elementary.

 When KidzArt's Linda Shaw asked if she could paint a mural for Stallings Elementary, Mr. Breckenridge had only one request. He wanted the mural to picture "globalization."

That was easy! Stallings students come from neighborhoods as nearby as the school's backyard. Others are from countries all around the globe. So many places are represented here that the design needed to show just how connected all of us are.

A hot air balloon, from Stallings, North Carolina, is drifting over part of our Earth. Envelopes, addressed to the countries our students come from, are tumbling out of the balloon, carrying messages to the far corners of the world.

Just as letters share thoughts, ideas, and experiences, our school helps us to understand and accept differences. We learn, work, and play together with respect and understanding. Mostly, we celebrate how very much alike we really are.

Stallings Elementary not only "goes global," it is global!

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Written by: LInda Shaw, KidzArt
Posted: Mar 14, 2012 by Janice Deane

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