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Global Visitors at Rocky River

Mr. and Mrs. Ronquillo with Brenda Todd's second grade class.

 How would you like to travel to an archipelago? We did that recently in room 117B.
Mr. and Mrs. Ronquillo (Kaitlyn’s parents) came to second grade on February 17th to take us on a visual learning trip. Mrs. Ronquillo shared a power point presentation about the Philippines her country of origin. The students listened and asked questions. Afterwards the students wrote about their learning on our class room blog site at kidblog.org.

Here are a few things they learned from this experience.
• They have two seasons- a wet one (monsoon season- May to November) and a dry one (December to April). They have flooding. They have typhoons. It’s warm or hot all year- average temperature is 80 F. They have no snow.
• Children speak English in school. The official language is Philipino (Filipino) based on an old language called Tagalog. Students learn about history, math, science, reading and writing in school. Those that can afford to go on to college.
• They have active volcanoes. Some islands are so small no one can live on them while other islands have large mountain ranges, valleys, mangrove swamps and rivers. If you put them all together they would be able the size of Arizona. These islands are the tops of mountain ranges that lay on the bottom of the ocean. Volcanoes formed the mountains.
• Seaports are centers of trade. Textile weaving is an important industry. They weave baskets and furniture. Farming is another way to earn money. They grow a lot of rice in fields that can be flooded and on terraced land even in the mountains. They grow sugarcane and fruits are an important export-these include pineapples, oranges, mangoes, and bananas.
• Rice is an important food in the Philippines and is eaten at most meals. The favorite dessert is rice cakes. They eat a roasted pig with an apple in its mouth at big celebrations. Today many traditions from different countries are part of the life in the Philippines. Restaurants serve Spanish and Chinese foods.
• Children play baseball, basketball, kite flying and sipa.
• They have different animals. The smallest monkey is there and it fits in your hand.
• They travel in Jeepneys (a cross between a jeep and a bus) and with bicycles.
• They celebrate Christmas from September to December. It’s a very big celebration.

Written by: Brenda Todd
Posted: Mar 14, 2012 by Terry Anderson

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