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Wacky Pajama Stuffed Animal Pillow Day

Lookin' good, boys!

Yay hey, it's Wacky Pajama Stuffed Animal Pillow Day in Mrs. Rogers' third grade class! Mrs. Rogers' class got 24 paws and chose. A lot of people wanted wacky day and pajama day (and that went with bring a pillow and stuffed animal). Everybody got to vote twice and those won so we decided to do both!

We were so good in the hallway that we kept getting green paws until we got 24.  We even then got a little bit more, 25!  We were quiet and not talking in the cafeteria too.  In the bathroom we were quiet.  We also earned them in specials.

AJ wore a tutu!  Lauren sprayed her hair two different colors.  Samantha wore a light shirt with socks all over it.  Colby wore all kinds of different things!  Austin wore his sister's tank top over one of his shirts.  He also wore tights and spray painted his hair pink!  Trevor wore his dad's suit with a tie.

We had a great day!

Written by: Mrs. Rogers' Third Grade Class
Posted: Mar 18, 2012 by Jodi McConkey

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