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Global Education in the Classroom

Mrs. Carthage speaks to the students about Italy.

Mrs. Debora Herring believes strongly in Global Education. This is not only because she sees the benefits in her students, but because she recognizes how global our world is. Mrs. Herring is from Brazil. So, she has arranged for a different parent to visit her class each month and talk about their unique heritage.

So far, Mr. Kang has taught the students about Korea. He taught the students about the Korean alphabet and Korean favorite foods. He also shared with the students his experience as a little boy growing up in Korea.

Mrs. Carthage spoke about Italy. The students were very excited when they learned that soccer is the most popular sport in Italy, since many of them practice soccer regularly. They tasted some delicious cheese and grapes, a staple snack in Italy.

Of course, Mrs. Herring has taught them about Brazil as well! The children have learned to say good morning, good bye, numbers from one to ten and to sing "Happy Birthday in Portuguese.

Mrs. Herring explained “The presentations usually include pictures, general information and a treat from the country. The students love hearing about the cultures and tasting the food. But, what I love best is hearing my students ask such wonderful and thoughtful questions.”

Mrs. Herring said that "scheduling the visits was very simple, because parents love being able to share their culture." She added: "Because I limit the visits to 30 minutes from start to finish, the visits are easily incorporated into our instructional program."

Parents from Palestine, Ireland, India, Canada and Africa are scheduled to present their countries to Mrs. Herring's class this year.

Written by: Judy Freger, Teacher
Posted: Mar 20, 2012 by Marni Menkin

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