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Lean On Me

Athletes from Monroe High School have heart to heart talks with fifth grade boys at East Elementary School.

What a great time was had when the student athletes from Monroe High School came to visit us here at East Elementary in early March. Fourteen teenaged boys spent time interacting with fifth graders, giving them advice about how to succeed as students as well as athletes. The older role models talked to our boys about what it means to be responsible citizens of the school and community, along with other topics our students wanted to discuss. The fifth graders were excited to spend time with these inspirational high school students who have already faced many of the challenges of growing up. They listened to the good advice these older boys had to offer. East Elementary looks forward to more visits in the future from our friends at Monroe High School and we appreciate MHS Coach Johnny Sowell for arranging to bring the athletes here. In future visits, female athletes from MHS will be included so East Elementary's fifth grade girls will have a chance to meet and talk with them.

Written by: Emily Foster, School Social Worker for the Monroe Cluster
Posted: Mar 20, 2012 by Lisa Bush

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