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First Graders sail to Treasure Island

Students enjoying the show at Matthew's Playhouse.

The rain did not stop our Marshville first graders from adventuring to Treasure Island at the Matthew’s Playhouse on Friday, March 2nd. The play, Treasure Island, was based on the 1883 book Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson and transported us to the 1800’s. The play was filled with greedy pirates, buried treasure and amazing swordfights.
As we entered the theater, the students were greeted with a huge skull and crossbones known as the Jolly Roger illuminated on the red curtains. The room was quickly filled with “oohs” and “ahhs” from everyone while we were being seated. Many of the students had never been to a theater to see a live performance before and were eagerly waiting for the action to begin.
Once the lights dimmed and the curtain opened the students were drawn in immediately by the terrific scenery and costumes. The stage was transformed from a little inn in England, to a ship, to the beach of Treasure Island. “How do they do that?” Logan whispered when the curtains open to reveal the actors on a ship on the high seas. He was not the only one that was amazed by the scenery changes throughout the play.
When the play ended, the first graders turned to one another and said, “That was awesome!” and “I loved the swordfights!” The first grade teachers were equally excited because our Marshville first graders showed wonderful theater etiquette. We all look forward to our next theater experience.

Written by: Melissa Fox
Posted: Mar 22, 2012 by Kerri Edwards

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