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Globalization - by Austin C. (grade 5 student)

We have had teachers come to Kensington Elementary from around the world and taught our students subjects as well as about their countries.

We watch CNN Student News every day at Kensington. CNN Student News is important for globalization because it helps you better understand what’s happening around the world. I love this time because it teaches me so many different things about other people and sometimes it can be really funny. Other times it is pretty sad because I learned about the protests in Syria that have been going on for the past year that has killed thousands of people.

I think globalization is important because like my mom, she works for a Korean company and if globalization didn’t exist in America she might not even have her job. Plus she is learning about their cultures. The other night we had Korean BBQ steak for dinner and it was really good! If there wasn’t globalization, she wouldn’t have learned about that it’s considered just fine to chew with your mouth open when you are a Korean which is considered rude in America.


Written by: Dr. Rachel Clarke
Posted: Mar 22, 2012 by Dr. Rachel Clarke

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