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Global Sharing between Cuthbertson High and Marvin Elementary

Ms. Freger's pre-school class watches Mrs. Thompson's spanish II class on Skype

Cuthbertson High School Spanish students connected via Skype with Marvin Elementary students for a book reading. Mrs. Stacie Thompson’s Spanish II class created their own bilingual books and enjoyed sitting in the author’s seat to share them with Ms. Judith Freger’s Pre-School class.

The purpose of the activity was to give the high school students an audience for their work and to integrate Spanish into other content areas and grade levels. The stories presented information about the author.

The Marvin pre-school class provides early intervention services to students with special needs. The class also enrolls typically developing students to serve as peer pal models.

Ms. Freger said “This type of activity is wonderful for our students, because it encourages them to talk and express themselves. Our students are comfortable with watching projected stories in our class. They were so excited to talk with the older students”

Gabriella and Erin taught the students to count to ten in Spanish as well as how to ask and answer, “What is your name?”

The preschool class then shared a PowerPoint with the Cuthbertson students. The PowerPoint was created with the help of the preschool parents to present the variety of holiday celebrations that the preschool students have at home.

Ms. Freger said: “I was so thrilled to have such a range of nationalities and religions represented here in our little class, that I felt honored to create this video with our parents and even happier when we were able to share it with others.”

The following week the classes met again. This time the high school students taught the preschool students various body parts and a fun song. The high school students are eager to stay connected with Ms. Freger’s class and have donated the books they made to the preschool classroom library.

Written by: CoRetta Limous
Posted: Mar 06, 2012 by CoRetta Limous

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