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Kindergartners Learn about Community Helpers

Students here are dressed as their favorite community helper.

On Friday, March 23, Mrs. Kaik’s Kindergarten Class had a very exciting day! For the past three weeks Mrs. Kaik’s class has been learning all about community helpers. Throughout the three week unit, the students learned what a community helper was, why community helpers are important to the community and what community helpers do. During Writer’s Workshop, students picked their favorite community helper or one they would want to be when they grew up and wrote an All About Book about them. Students choose lots of different community helpers such as police officers, firefighters, teachers, vets, nurses and bus drivers. Students then came dressed on Friday as their favorite community helper and read their story to the class.
As a special surprise, State Trooper Stewart, the parent of Cody Stewart, came into Mrs. Kaik’s class to talk to the students about his job. Students were able to ask him about all parts of his job including how long he went to school and what he does when he sees an accident. After Trooper Stewart spoke to the class, he took them outside where they were able to sit inside his patrol car and look at all the neat things inside. After everyone had a look, he showed them how the siriens and the lights worked. Lastly, he also brought them special gifts, a story/coloring book about State Troopers and Sillybands. Mrs. Kaik’s Class would like to thank Trooper Stewart for coming in to talk to their class.

Written by: Erin Kaik
Posted: Mar 26, 2012 by Kerri Edwards

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