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8th Grand Band Rated Superior & 7th Grade Band Rated Excellent

8th Grade Band

 The Piedmont 7th and 8th grade band participated in the NC Music Performance Assessment (MPA) at Wingate University on March14, 2012. MPA is the band equivalent of EOG's and is not only a statewide event but most states nationwide have a similar performance adjudication festival. MPA gives the students an opportunity to show judges how well they can perform 3 pieces they have prepared prior to the concert as well as how developed they are as musicians. The performance consists of 3 prepared pieces on stage in front of an audience and 3 judges. After students complete that portion, they move to a different room and are given 5 minutes to look over a brand new piece of music- without playing- and then play that piece for a judge at the end of the 5 minutes for a grade. The combination of the 4 judges scoring gives students their overall score. The band is rated I-V with I being the top score and V the bottom. The 8th grade band received 3 I's and a II for an overall rating of I (Superior). 7th grade band received 3 II's and a I for an overall rating of II (Excellent).

Written by: Amy Vitulli
Posted: Mar 29, 2012 by Karen Barbee

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