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Australia activities in Miss Wisniewski’s class

Miss Wisniewski’s first grade students have been studying the country of Australia this year. The students have been investigating the Australian author, Mem Fox . During their library class the media specialist, Jennifer Williams assisted in her technology expertise to enhance a deeper understanding about the author Mem Fox. Students first listened to a recording of Mem Fox reading one of her books and then they used her book, Possum Magic, to learn about different places in Australia.

In the classroom, the students read several books and learned about holidays, traditions, ethnic foods, geography and historical places. The students in Miss Wisniewski’s class really loved to learn more about the unique animals of Australia in the Great Barrier Reef and the beautiful blue waters that line the shore of the country. Some of their favorite animals have been the Koala Bear, Red Kangaroo and the Great White Shark. They have been researching all about Australia using the lap tops in the classroom. They have also watched several interactive books on their own with a personal reflection. During Writers Workshop, the students wrote their own informational books about a specific animal from Australia.

During Readers Workshop the students participated in Australia Book Clubs. They have been very excited to learn and explore more about the way children in Australia live. They compared a variety of books and made several connections to themselves, other texts and the world. The connections they have made have motivated them to continue to read and research about Australia. The students will continue to study the country and compare and contrast all the aspects of Australia. They are so excited to learn. 


Written by: Miss Wisniewski, 1st Grade Teacher
Posted: Mar 29, 2012 by Jennifer Williams

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