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Reading in the Real World

East Elementary second graders were the fortunate recipients of a field trip grant sponsored by Target stores. Joann Winn, a literacy support specialist at East Elementary, applied for the grant. Her idea was to give students an opportunity to engage in a real world experience using literacy skills and also to explore the concept of community and recognize their role as citizens. On Tuesday, March 20, 2012, all the students in second grade traveled to Barnes & Noble bookstore at the Arboretum Shopping Center in Charlotte, N.C. for storytime and a tour. Daisy Moran thought the bus ride was exciting. “The ride on the bus was long but we had fun talking to our friends.”

Once they arrived at Barnes and Noble, students toured the bookstore and were allowed to try out the Nook e-readers. Jermisha James certainly enjoyed using the Nook. “We looked up Dr. Seuss books to see what they were about and turned the pages on the Nook to read them”, stated James. A store employee read The Greedy Caterpillar aloud to the students. When asked what she liked about the story, Jasmine Strain said, “I liked the pictures. They popped up.” Fellow classmate Hailey Smith liked it when the caterpillar did the “moonwalk” and she also liked the ending of the story. “The butterfly pops up and it is all colorful and shiny,” said Smith.

The funds from the grant allowed each student to choose a complimentary book to take home and share with their families. The students chose from a variety of paperback titles that are just right for second graders, such as the Cam Jansen and Magic Treehouse series and some nonfiction titles as well. Ana Orozco said, “We were able to take a book home and I chose one about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”.

The grant also paid for the students to have lunch at a nearby Chick-fil-a restaurant. The students read the Chick-fil-a menu when they ordered their food. Alisha Caldwell said, “Lunch was good. We had chicken nuggets, fries and we drank milk.” Most students agreed their favorite part of the meal was the ice cream they had for dessert. While the students were eating, the manager of Chick-fil-a paid the group a big compliment. He said the East Elementary second graders were the most well-behaved school group he had seen this year! Principal David Kafitz beamed as he announced the manager’s praise schoolwide on the news broadcast the following morning, saying second grade has now set the standard for field trip behavior. While reflecting on the trip, second grade teacher Amanda Winburn said “I am so proud of our students. By using good manners, they earned compliments from the restaurant staff and represented our school very well throughout the trip.”

Written by: JoAnn Winn, Literacy Specialist and Lisa Bush, Library Media Coordinator
Posted: Mar 29, 2012 by Lisa Bush

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