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Second Grade go into Business

Sometimes team work helps to get the job done.

“I now know what it’s like to work hard!!” That quote can be echoed by all of the second graders at Porter Ridge Elementary.
They were busy at work the week before St. Patrick’s Day, participating in a Lucky Charms business as an extension to their learning in economics. Orders for Lucky Charms, which are tootsie roll pops taped onto construction paper shamrocks, were taken from students throughout the school. Each Lucky Charm cost $0.25. Students could order up to four of these sweet treats for lucky friends and have them delivered to their friends’classrooms on Friday, March 16.
To prepare for this free enterprise business, students created posters to persuade their peers to purchase Lucky Charms. Then they had to fill out a job application, jotting down their strengths and why they would be the best person for the position. Next, they were interviewed to persuade their “boss” (teacher) to hire them for the position they wanted.
Some of the jobs included: hole puncher, writer, stuffer, taper, inspector, etc. Students worked as producers in an assembly line to get their goods produced. They were paid for their jobs. Their income was based on team work, production, neatness, and clean up. Some students had the job of paying their workers, which meant they had to pay attention to the good work their classmates were doing. When the production was completed, the workers counted their total income. They then were able to “go shopping” with the income they had earned!
Ms. Easterling, second grade teacher, said of the project: “I love doing this project every year because it not only teaches them economics and math skills but it also prepares them for their future careers. They get to see what filling out a job application looks like and how an interview should look. They were able to reflect on their strengths and maybe some things they are continuing to work on. The students LOVE it.”
Second grade student Bryson Kelley said he felt like a real producer. “I had to inspect the Lucky Charms because these people bought them and expect them to look good! I am exhausted but it was worth it!”

Written by: Penny Tomberlin and Rachel Easterling
Posted: Mar 30, 2012 by Carol Blackwelder

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