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Union Power Partners with Kensington Elementary for Arbor Day

At Kensington Elementary School, fourth grade students worked together to plant trees.
Union Power Cooperative showed all the fourth grade students what it is like in the bucket truck. Students got to see a worker and a teacher go 56 feet up into the air in the bucket. Then, students were divided into four groups to plant pink and white Crabapple, Ginkgo, and Ninebark trees.

While workers were getting situated, students learned a lot of things about planting trees. They learned what type of area the tree needs to be in. They learned that they need to put fertilizer on the trees for it to survive, and they learned how to shovel the area.
When workers were completely ready, students covered the area around the tree with fertilizer. Then, students covered the fertilized area with soil and evened it out. The fourth graders in Kensington Elementary finished working on the trees by putting on mulch and watering it. The trees were planted and it was time for Union Power Cooperative to go.
All the fourth graders had a tree – tastic time with the Power Company.

Written by: By: Katie J. and Brittany M., 4th grade students
Posted: Mar 30, 2012 by Dr. Rachel Clarke

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