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CATA Students Take Storm Water Field Trip

Ms. Kopchick's classes.

On March 19, 2012, Ms. Kopchick, accompanied by her A day and B day classes, went on a field trip to downtown Monroe where students changed the markers on the storm water drains.

Josh Norwood, one of the lucky students who had to privilege to go, said, “This was an awesome field trip and I would like to go again. This field trip was a down to earth experience. We learned if we put other things besides water down the storm drains, then animals and ecosystems could be fatally harmed.” Engineers from the City of Monroe encouraged the students not to pollute and not to dump waste down the storm drains. The storm drain markers remind the public that, “Only storm water should go down the storm drains.”

During the bus ride, the students were buzzing with excitement. All of the students were wearing neon orange safety vests to be noticed by drivers. As the students got off the bus, they were greeted by Chris Costner, the head of the storm water engineers, and other engineers. “Mr. Costner showed us how to apply the storm water sticker to the storm drain. First, we had to put on safety gloves, remove the worn out sticker on the storm drain, scrub the surface where the new sticker was going to be applied, apply glue on the new sticker, and stick it onto the storm drain,” explained Buck Shaw.

After Mr. Costner finished with his demonstration, the students split up into groups that were supervised by a chaperone and a civil engineer. Then, the groups were designated with specific streets to work on. “We were assigned to apply stickers on Main Street. My group was very fun to work with. This field trip wasn’t just about having to work, but also enjoying the outside and having fun. Each of my friends in the group had a job to accomplish. Whether it was applying the glue, scrubbing the surface, taking off the worn out sticker, or applying the sticker, all of us cooperated to get the job done,” explained Carsyn Baucom. Overall, the students had a wonderful time making the world a better place to live in.

Written by: Esther Lee
Posted: Apr 02, 2012 by Deb Christensen

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