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Mayor of Weddington

Mayor Davidson with 4th grade students.

 On Tuesday, March 6, 2012, Rocky River hosted the Mayor of the Town of Weddington. Mayor Davidson spoke to the fourth grade team of students and teachers about government, laws, proclamations and taxes.

Mayor Davidson used four students to demonstrate the complexity of working with a group of other individuals, know as the Town Council. The Town Council, like himself, is voted into office by the residents. He works with the council to make decisions about taxes, proclamations and the making/repealing of laws. He took questions from students and offered some of his own for the students to think about.

Most of the students were interested in whether Mayor Davidson had met President Obama. He has not met the President. He has met a few Mayors from other towns around North Carolina. He also spoke about being a public servant and “on call” 24/7. He told us his job as Mayor, is a part -time job and he has a full-time job and family so his time is in high demand.


Written by: Terry Anderson
Posted: Apr 03, 2012 by Terry Anderson

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