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New Town ASP-Budding Artists in Residence

The Mona Lisa--as seen by third graders in New Town ASP.

Children at New Town Elementary After School Program have been focusing on different countries around the world as a theme during this school year. Each month, a different country is selected, and the children discuss foods, celebrations, cultural differences, clothing, and even enjoy games that children from that country play. 

Earlier this year, the children learned about Germany and Italy. After studying the countries, the third graders participated in group art projects. They made a castle loosely designed after the Neuschwanstein Castle built for Ludwig II of Bavaria. The castle was made from boxes and paper towel and tissue rolls. After finishing the exterior, each student created an individual banner to display on the castle walls.

After completing the study of Italy, the group designed a "pop art" portrait of the Mona Lisa. It is almost the same size (20 “ x 30”) as the original by Leonardo da Vinci that hangs in the Louvre. This beautiful artwork hangs on the gym wall as you enter the gym at New Town.

Parents and staff were impressed with these masterpieces!


Written by: Karen Smith
Posted: Apr 11, 2012 by Karen Smith

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