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Parkwood Drama Club presents Cinderella


The story of Cinderella is one we all know and love. Cinderella (Caitlyn Frys) is ordered around mercilessly by her Step-mother (Lauren Starnes) and her wicked stepsisters Joy (Katia Keller) and Portia (Caitin Bernabe). On the night of the ball Cinderella is left home alone wishing she could go, when suddenly her fairy Godmother (Jessie Ortiz) appears. Cinderella's Godmother uses her magic to give Cinderella everything she needs to attend the ball.
    When she arrives at the entrance to the ballroom everyone, including the King (Victor DeMatos) and Queen (Amanda Privette) are in awe of her beauty. No one, however, is more mesmerized than Prince Christopher (Vassar Strickland). They instantly fall in love and though they are torn apart by Cinderella's inconvenient curfew they are eventually reunited. The play concludes with their wedding and the entire cast and crew reprising the song and reiterating the them of the show, "It's Possible".
     The students certainly deserve praise for their efforts on this performance. They have been working since December to bring this production to life. Many of them showed talent far beyond that expected of a middle school student. They were engaged in the action, sang beautifully, and danced gracefully together.
     There were several teachers involved in making this performance a success. Ms. Pratt, the drama teacher at Parkwood Middle, took on the daunting role of directing. When asked how she felt about the production and the students she said, "I was very proud of how the students became more responsible and learned to trust themselves and each other on stage." Mr. Stanford, an 8th Grade Social Studies teacher at Parkwood Middle, also lent his unique talents to the production as the Musical Director, working hard to ensure that every note and harmony was in place. Rounding out the adult production team was Ms. DePietro, an 8th Grade Language Arts teacher who choreographed the many dance scenes.
     For all involved in "Cinderella" - the teachers, the cast, the crew, and the audience - it was an experience that will not soon be forgotten. Will the drama club be able to recreate that magic next year? Well, in the words of Cinderella's Godmother, "Impossible things are happening every day...".

Written by: Nicole DePietro
Posted: May 04, 2010 by Lisa Chapman

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