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Weddington fifth graders have just recently completed research papers on various countries around the world.  Students researched and reported on countries on three of the seven continents, including Mexico, South Korea and Turkey.  In their research our fifth graders discovered similarities and differences in culture, religion, food, education along with many other areas.
Students developed questions to research, then using laptops scoured the internet for the answers, finally putting all of the information they had gained into well written, multi-paragraph research papers, some of which are still on display in the hallway.
Students were amazed by many of the things that they discovered, one student in particular, Samantha Sprenkle in Mrs. Godfrey’s class found that Turkey is actually located on two continents.  While most of Turkey is considered to be in Asia, the far western portion is in fact in Europe.
These journeys that our fifth graders took via the internet have broadened their global horizons and have opened them up to five new worlds and cultures.  We invite you to stop by and read about the many fascinating things that these countries have to offer.  It’s an adventure you won’t soon forget.

Written by: Cassie Sloop
Posted: Apr 19, 2012 by Cassie Sloop

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