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Caution: Kids at Play!

Emily, Oriana, & Katie, preschool students, are ENERGIZED by the new playground!

Waxhaw Elementary proudly boasts a new playground that is the perfect size for the smallest of its students. Students in Waxhaw’s preschool classes are pleased by this new addition. The students excitedly ask, “May we go to the NEW playground?”

The new playground, located in front of the school, contains six swings and a jungle gym with two slides, monkey bars, and a fireman’s pole. The dome climber is a big draw for the preschool students who can climb it or crawl inside. A few more pieces will complete the area soon, including a truck to “drive”, extra steering wheels, and more.

When asked to share his thoughts, Dylan exclaimed, “I love the new playground; it is so much fun!”

When the preschool classes were told about the new playground and were able to go on it for the first time, all of the students happily explored their new play area. They excitedly explored all of the new equipment.

Jessica Santana, preschool teacher, observed, “The students are ecstatic about the new playground and so are the teachers. It is a great place for the students to be active and play. As a result of the new playground, we have noticed more interaction among students.”

The new play area is also shared with kindergarten and first grade students on a rotating basis.

Written by: Jessica Santana, Preschool Teacher
Posted: Apr 19, 2012 by Kimberly Thomas

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