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Fourth Graders Learn How Stormwater Impacts the Environment

Students watch the demonstration of water management with a model of a section of land.

What is stormwater management and why is it important, you might ask. Our fourth grade students learned the answers to those questions through a presentation in the gym on Tuesday, April 3. Students learned how people impact the environment with pollution, construction, chemical spills, the use of farm animals and fertilizer, etc. They saw a demonstration using a model of a section of land with houses, roads, streams, hills, farm land, and factories. They were able to clearly see the impact that people have on land and water resources. Students participated in discussions throughout the presentation and made choices to prevent the negative impact which people and animals can have on the environment.
Our thanks to the City of Monroe Stormwater Management Department for providing this presentation which enhanced the fourth grade earth science unit about erosion and weathering.


Written by: Michele Turner and Penny Tomberlin
Posted: Apr 20, 2012 by Carol Blackwelder

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