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A Surprise in the Post!

Students from Middleham Primary School in England opening their package from Rocky River Elementary.

One of the fabulous - and unexpected - things about setting up a class blog has been getting post and parcels from global friends - we’ve had parcels from our friends in Santander, we’ve had postcards from around the world, a package from the Atlantic rowers, Flat Stanleys from Australia and back from the Easter holiday a REAL mystery parcel awaited! It was battered and weather-beaten, and it’s label had all but washed off! We had a good old guess what it might be, then Codie and Hannah carefully cut their way through the tape........

We knew straight away that it was from our friends in North Carolina, because we saw a great big yellow towel with a Roadrunner on it! (Lots of our mums and dads remember Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner from their childhoods, so we watched one of the original cartoons just before lunchtime so we could all see the cartoon character in action.)

As well as the towel, there was a beautiful book about North Carolina, sent in response to our ‘I is for India’ post. It’s called T is for Tarheel, and is an alphabet book about the state our friends, the Roadrunners, come from.

We’d like to say a really big “THANK YOU!” to our Roadrunner friends. It made us smile. It’s good to have friends.

Written by: Mrs. Monaghan, a Room with a View
Posted: Apr 24, 2012 by Terry Anderson

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