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Talking with a PRINCE!

skyping with the prince

When Prince Khaled finally logged on, we were all stunned at the fact that he didn’t wear any crown, jewels, sash or anything that an ordinary person would think a prince would wear. He simply wore a gray sweatshirt and comfortable jeans. His face was clean of make-up and he had a smile plastered across his face.

After the first person asked their question it was my turn. I walked up to the platform thinking this is only a one-time experience.

“Hi,” I said.

“Hi. What’s your question?” He asked.

“Ummm…well I wanted to know what type of pets you have in Saudi Arabia.”

“Well, I have 5 pets. Three Pomeranians, I Chihuahua, and a Great Dane. What type of pets do you have?”

I was surprised. Is it possible? Would a prince really ask me, an average eleven year old girl what type of pets she has? Huh? “I have 5 pets as well. A black lab, a German Shepard-Healer mix, and 3 degues.”

“Ah! Cool. Thank you!” He was as happy as a clam and extremely nice!

“Thank you.” I sat down. He was so nice I thought! That is the time I talked to the prince!


Written by: Deanna Creswell, grade 5 student
Posted: Apr 25, 2012 by Dr. Rachel Clarke

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