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SVES Donates Mute Swans to Tiger World

Mute Swans

Sun Valley Elementary School has donated a pair of Mute Swans to Tiger World a non profit animal conservation and educational center dedicated to rescue, rehabilitation, and preservation of exotic animals. They are open to the public for educational guided tours and walkabout self-guided tours. Tiger World is a different type of Zoo focused on the conservation and education of all threatened and endangered species. The swans are a wonderful addition to Tiger World. They live on a large pond full of vegetation that is a perfect habitat for them. Mute Swans are a natural enemy to Canadian Geese which can be a problem at the zoo. The swans will help keep the wild geese from nesting where they can be a menace to visitors.  

Sun Valley Elementary School purchased the swans from a local farmer who's family has been farming in the area for over one hundred years. The money was donated to the school by Pam Choi, author of the Bart the Cat book series when she visited the school in the fall. The money was given to the Globalization Team to be used on a project to help our environment. Tiger World has worked with the school in the past educating the students on the importance to save the wild tigers. Sun Valley was excited to help by donating the swans for visitors to enjoy.  

Written by: Penny Yelverton
Posted: Apr 25, 2012 by Kevin Vickers

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