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Wingate's Global Communication

Lynn Schwallie’s fifth grade classroom became partners with a sister school in Réunion Island, France. Her class created a flip-video to educate their sister school about Wingate Elementary and Wingate, North Carolina. They shared information about our U.S. Government and requested information about their governmental system through letters. Mrs. Schwallie’s class was able to solidify their understanding through comparing and contrasting the two systems.

Jean Greenwalt’s third grade classroom partnered with another school in France. Her classroom’s sister school was College R. Cellerier in Saint Savinien, France. Mrs. Greenwalt’s class created a powerpoint presentation to share their daily schedule and introduce the students to their sister school. They decided to write letters and ask about their country, holidays, and celebrations. The students took this information and created books to share the new information they learned about France.

Josephine Maness’ third grade classroom partnered with Primary School of Rodigo in Mantavo, Italy. To begin, students school sent letters to the students. Students responded to their letters and asked information about Italy. Students then created books about Italy to share their newly learned information.

Each teacher hopes to continue their partnership with these teachers next school! Great job Wildcats!

Written by: Melissa Ottaway
Posted: Apr 27, 2012 by Eric Doan

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