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French students were hosted by Weddington families

For two weeks WHS welcomed nine visiting French students who were hosted by Weddington families. Eight of the students were from the Aquitaine region of France near the city of Biarritz. The ninth student Alex Petel was from near Paris. These students were part of a group called Terre des Langues which arranges homestay visits for international students who wish to experience American high school life while improving their English speaking skills. The students arrived on April 13 and were greeted at the Charlotte-Douglas airport by their host families. After spending the first weekend with their American families and getting adjusted to American life, they began attending classes with their host brother or sister. French students who visited were: Caroline Etheve (hosted by Chandler Hoffman), Lea Ibarlosa (hosted by Ashley DuFault), Lena Tandiang (hosted by Sydney Queen), Paul Dupuis (hosted by Kelsey Yurek), Charlotte Duha (hosted by Emilie Schaphorst), Mathilde Berneau (hosted by Danielle McManus), Anne-Cecile Azam (hosted by Meg Reinecke), Julien Morell (hosted by Kienen Whetsone), and Alexandra Petel (hosted by Stephanie Pennachio). During their stay they enjoyed going bowling, golfing, shopping, playing video games, watching American movies, playing soccer, and sampling typical American food. They noticed many differences between the French and the American schools. For one thing, they were very surprised to have only 25 minutes for lunch. In France, they often have two hours, and they are all required to eat the lunch provided by the school cafeteria. Sometimes their school day lasts until 6:00 PM, and there are no after school activities like sports or clubs. The students in France stay in the same classroom all day long while the teachers move from room to room to teach their subjects! The students all mentioned that there is more discussion in the American classes whereas the French classes involve more writing. They are also used to receiving a lot more homework than American students, and they risk strict consequences for eating in class or using their cell phones! Before leaving, each French student received a goodie bag filled with Weddington tee-shirts and other Weddington souvenirs. They departed for France on Friday, April 27, leaving behind many friendships that they made here at Weddington.

Written by: Sue Mead, French teacher
Posted: Apr 30, 2012 by Cheryl Edwards

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