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Global Day from a second grade perspective

Our students had a wonderful time during Global Day on Thursday, April 5, 2012. Guest speakers set up presentations in different rooms of the school and each grade level had an opportunity to visit 4 places in the morning. We learned many things about each place including: food, transportation, housing, schools, terrain, and animals. Students especially loved seeing pictures of buildings and animals. “I liked the pictures of the castles”, said Nichole, referring to the presentation on England by Union’s own Mrs. Allison Pendleton. Julia enjoyed seeing the necklaces from Brazil made from animal bones and teeth. “My favorite thing was the pictures from Kenya,” said Dallas in reference to the presentation by Mr. Gordon Toudt. Countries represented during the day included England, Hungary, Panama, Kenya, Spain, Brazil, South Africa, Philippines, New Guinea, Cameroon, Mexico, India, and the Netherlands.

Second grade classes had another special presentation in the afternoon. Mrs. Evelyn Keziah, grandmother of Rowen Starnes in Ms. Miller’s class, came to talk about her trips to Honduras and Kenya. Students learned about animals, kids in Kenya, the terrain in both places, housing, and schools.

Written by: Erin Miller, 2nd Grade Teacher
Posted: May 01, 2012 by Jennifer Williams

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