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Natural History Comes Alive at the Schiele Museum

First grade students recently enjoyed a field trip to the Schiele Museum in Gastonia on Monday, April 30. The trip began with a ten minute wait at the famous Waxhaw train tracks, counting the train cars going by!

Once we arrived at the museum, we enjoyed seeing the huge dinosaur bones as you first enter the building. We walked around it, wondering what it might have looked like with its skin on.

Outside on the nature trail, the old settlement had only one BIG pig. The pig was sleeping soundly, until we made enough noise to wake it up. When it stood up, it looked even BIGGER!

We went from the nature trail into the museum again, to look at all the displays. We saw buffalo, deer, a polar bear, an alligator, and a lot of other taxidermy animals. There were even bobcats, and many that were so camouflaged that we almost missed them. It was easy to see that some of the animals were definitely predators.

The Schiele Museum presented a program about animals and their adaptations. We chose this program, since our Science Unit is about “Living and Non-Living”. When the presenter was showing us several live animals, she was asking us some questions. Our Waxhaw Students knew the answers! The teachers were quite proud ! Did you know that alligators have an extra eyelid that acts like the goggles we wear in the ocean? Did you know that tarantulas can shoot out the hairs from their bodies, and the hairs can cause itching and rashes?

At the end of the animal presentation, we got to feel a bear skin, a rabbit skin and other things left on the table for us to touch. The presenter held a little alligator, which we got to touch it on its back!

Many students reported, “The little alligator was the best part.”

Others said, “I liked seeing the rabbit feet thump when they were tickled.”

Of course there were several who insisted, “The dinosaur bones were awesome!”

Before getting back on the buses to drive home, we enjoyed our sack lunches out in the patio area. Everyone agreed it was a day well spent, and enjoyed by all.


Written by: Rhoda Marx, First Grade Teacher
Posted: May 03, 2012 by Kimberly Thomas

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