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Annual GREATRACE is Truly Great!

GREATRACE Director, Jennie Yearick, gives opening instructions to teams before the start.

PRHS held its annual GREATRACE on Thursday, April 19th. Over 25 teams and more than 75 volunteers converged on the school to travel the world.

THE GREATRACE is designed to be an explosively motivating and “team building” student and community extravaganza! Modeled after the hit show, The Amazing Race, the school building is actually turned into a culturally diverse world comprised of ten different cities. Each city hosts a challenge that the team must conquer in order to move on to the next location and one step closer to the final destination.

This event is a catalyst for inter-student communication. It inspires the team concepts of brainstorming, problem solving, and cooperation. It is our intention to equip our students with the tools needed for successful entry into the fast-paced “real world.” Porter Ridge is focused on maximizing student learning opportunities and providing adventures like THE GREATRACE does just that.

Teams are given a “passport” upon arrival and must acquire passport stamps from ten “cities” located throughout the building in the course of the evening. Each “city” has a cooperative activity (Usually a theme relative to that city. Some are physical, some are intellectual, and some are just silly.) that the team must complete in order to receive their stamp and a piece of the final puzzle. After gathering and assembling all pieces of the final puzzle, a riddle is revealed. Teams race to be the first to find the “Final Destination” by solving the riddle and obtaining the password. Once granted entry to the final destination, the team must conquer the last challenge. The first team to conquer the last challenge is THE GREATRACE champion.


Our winners this year are: 

Grand Champions:  (back row above) Zee Hot Tamaleez (Madison Ohmann, Kellie Chapman, Casey Hewitt, and Amanda Gruener)

1st runners up:  (middle row above) Djibuti Giants (Haley Halkidis, Rebecca Stone, Delaney Rath, Casey Coleman)

2nd runners up:  (back row above) Pretty Pretty Princesses (Natalie Conti, Shelby Ledermann, Taylor West, and Megan Woody)

The GREATRACE is sponsored by IBM ($500), Coca-Cola (donated 9 12 packs of drinks), and Porter Ridge High School ($1000).

Written by: Jennie Yearick, GREATRACE Director
Posted: May 03, 2012 by April Dawkins

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