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What a field trip! Global Day from a 3rd grade point of view.

Have you ever wanted to travel and see other countries around the world? Our class took a field trip on Thursday, April 5 that will be hard to forget. We traveled and learned about five different countries in only a few hours.

Our Globalization Committee invited guest to come and share their knowledge about many different countries. Our class visited five countries, some of which we have never heard. Our first visit was in England where Mrs. Pendleton, our fifth grade VIF teacher, told us many interesting facts about her homeland. Next, we traveled to Kenya where Mr. Toudy from UCPS Central Office told of how he helped people build much needed homes. Then, we went to the Philippines to hear and see from Mrs. Roets how her family still live there. Next, we stopped by South Africa and heard from Preacher Caroll about some of the animals living there. Last we heard from Mr. Borbas, one of our own third grade teachers, on how the people dress and dance in Hungary.

Here are some quotes about what our class liked best about these countries:

Kenya - “I like Kenya because it is in Africa” Jesus.

South Africa – “I liked how Preacher Caroll walked on the swinging bridge because I’ve always wanted to walk on a swinging bridge” Skylar.

“I liked South Africa because it has lions, tigers, elephants, and zebras.” Jackson.

“What I like about South Africa is, it is a cool country. Their money is cool and I love their animals.” Karlie

“What I like about South Africa are all the different animals like lions, rhinos, elephants, and dogs.” Elijiah

England – “I like the soccer teams and the English flag.” Jesse

“What I like about England is it has a huge statue near the highway.” Zach

"I like England because it is a very old place, especially the castles. They also call soccer “football” and they love to play soccer and drink hot tea. They also have over 1,000 year old castles.” Anna

“I like England because I could meet the Queen.” Nijah

“England is small but looks big. That’s why I like England.” Chloe

“I like England because I have a friend from Germany. His name is Sebastian.” Ashton

“I like England because of all the neat stuff I heard about.” Brooke

"I like England because the most popular sport is soccer. I love soccer.” Joshua

“What I like about England is the different phrases like rub that mark instead of erase." Olivia

We would like to say “THANK YOU” to Mrs. Goodman and the globalization committee for all their hard work. So many people were included to make these possible, parents, UCPC staff, community leaders, JAARS members, and many others who gave up their very valuable time to come and share with us a field trip we will never forget. 



Written by: Frances Rorie, 3rd Grade Teacher
Posted: May 04, 2012 by Jennifer Williams

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