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3rd graders learn about various cultures

The third grade students have had a number of exciting activities and events this past year. As part of our global curriculum, our students have had the opportunity to learn about Hungary along with many other cultures. They were able to sample traditional Hungarian food such as marzipan, view traditional Hungarian clothing, learn a few dance steps from the csardas, and even learn a few words.

They were also able to experience Old Salem in Winston-Salem, NC. Originally built by the Moravians from Germany, the students were able to see first-hand what homes were like and how people lived. Many of the students pointed out similarities between the German and Hungarian cultures. They witnessed the hard manual work that existed in the Moravian life and saw where children went to live after reaching a specified age. They even experienced making apple strudel using traditional methods which was absolutely delicious.

We toured the town, visiting buildings such as Salem Tavern, where George Washington once stayed. Many of us were surprised at how simple furniture was 200 years ago and how women and children were most often left home so they were protected from potentially negative outside influences.

In the Single Brothers’ House, where teenaged boys lived until they were married, students learned about the importance of religion in the community and the how each community member played a crucial role in the efforts to support the town. Students learned about the expectations of community members and the importance of learning a trade or skill. Students learned about the importance and difficulty of mastering a trade or skill by being given the opportunity to make a sample of the roof tiles used on the buildings in the same fashion as they were made 200 years ago.

It was an amazing experience. When it was time to leave, the students weren’t interested in going home. They were interested in seeing more of Old Salem. 



Written by: Michelle Borbas, 3rd Grade Teacher
Posted: May 10, 2012 by Jennifer Williams

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