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Two WHS Students Selected for 2010 Governor's School

Ryan Geczi and Kat Morgan

Every year, 800 North Carolina teens are selected through a rigorous application process to attend a summer program called Governor’s School. And, no, it isn’t a place where you learn how to be a governor. It is a six-week academic program that offers driven students an opportunity to expand their intellectual horizons, study subject matter that would never be taught in normal schools, and meet people their own age who are curious, passionate, and eager to discuss ideas.
This year, Weddington juniors Kat Morgan and Ryan Geczi have been selected to attend Governor’s School with concentrations in Visual Arts and Mathematics, respectively. Over the course of the summer they will also be studying a wide variety of other subjects. They will be learning both inside and outside the classroom from professors, speakers, films, performances, and their peers.
I was lucky enough to attend Governor’s School East last summer, and the time I spent there changed my life. It rewrote the way I look at education, at my future, and at life. Governor’s School is much more than a school. There are no grades, no tests, no required assignments. There is no set curriculum. Classes revolve around discussion and teachers are focused on teaching, not preparing their students for a standardized state exam. The faculty members are brilliant, personable, talented, accessible and, most of all, passionate about what they are doing.
I learned more at GSE in six weeks than I have in my entire high school career, and the lessons I learned there will stay with me forever. I am thrilled that Kat and Ryan will have the opportunity to step into that unique world of quirky art, wild ideas, intellectual discussions, and people that are filled with the desire to teach, learn, and see the world from a beautifully unique perspective.

Written by: Claire Shaffer, student
Posted: May 05, 2010 by Cheryl Edwards

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