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New Addition to Second Grade

One of the chicks that Kim Spencer's 2nd graders incubated and is raising.

Kim Spencer teaches 2nd grade and is the first teacher ever at Sandy Ridge to bring chicken eggs in an incubator into her classroom and "nurse" them through their whole cycle up through and including the baby chicks hatching in the class room in just the last couple of days!

She has included the children every step of the way and has gone "above and beyond" by coming in on the weekends and evenings throughout the whole process to turn the eggs and make sure they were taken care of.

I've witnessed the end result in the classroom these last couple of days and needless to say, the kids are so excited and proud to be able to see "their" chicks hatch! Many teachers have come through with their class to witness the event as well.

Watch the video below from Mrs. Spencer.

Written by: Jeanette Carter, 2nd grade student
Posted: May 11, 2012 by Jeff Aten

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