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Cavs Host Third Graders for Wake Up to Ag Day

Freshman Alli Myers exhibits Petunia, her pot-bellied pig, at the CHS Wake Up to Ag Day on April 24.

CHS Cavaliers continued the UCPS tradition of “Wake Up to Agriculture Day” Tuesday, April 24, 2012. Wake Up to Agriculture Day raises awareness of the agricultural heritage of Union County and North Carolina. Over 300 third grade students attended the CHS Ag Day from Waxhaw, New Town, and Kensington Elementary Schools. 

Around 40 FFA members helped carry out the event and provided all of the animals and other pieces of equipment. The animals included a goat, pot-bellied pigs, a horse belonging to junior Katie Kamin, and a turkey belonging to sophomore Mahlon Hearne.

The pot-bellied pigs belonged to freshman Alli Myers and included “Petunia” and “Pickles.” Pickles was only 3 months old.

Alli shared, “Petunia is turning two next month. She weighs 150 pounds and sheds a lot – she eats anything!”

A combine was displayed by freshman Maddie Cox, and juniors Windsor Cox and Cramer Phillips. Windsor explained the functions of the combine, “It cuts corn, soybeans, barley, and wheat.” The elementary students also visited the greenhouse. Junior Kristin Everhart, sophomore Cain Poling, and senior Morgan Ries helped the third graders plant watermelon seeds to take home. “We taught them about the function of the greenhouse, comparing the glass of it to a car that traps heat and moisture and protects the plants,” explained Morgan.

Agriculture teacher and FFA adviser Mr. Ben Shumate said, "Wake Up to Ag Day this year was excellent! Seeing so many third graders excited and curious about agriculture was rewarding for both my students and myself." For more information on the FFA, please click here.

Written by: Paula White
Posted: May 15, 2012 by Paula White

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