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"Lettuce" Learn - Gardening Goes Global

Garden Club members celebrate with a salad feast

Waxhaw Elementary hosted its first “Garden Club” during this school year. The club, which was open to third grade students, met after school on Tuesdays. Master Gardeners Jason and Tanya Loseke skillyfully guided the club members in learning how to weed, mulch, plant and harvest.  Their leadership was inspirational.

As part of the third grade science curriculum, some of the classes began growing plants from seeds inside.  As the weather warmed up, the Garden Club members transplanted the seedlings into raised beds in the Learning garden area.  They had fun comparing worm lengths as they transplanted… the classes had also contributed their “vermicomposting” creatures to our raised beds! 

Master Gardeners guided the members' learning through hands on practice.  They also provided essential information regarding the historic originas of our common vegetables. As their plants matured and were ready for harvest, Garden Club members had the opportunity to harvest and take vegetables home for their families to enjoy.

The Garden Club's last club day was highlighted with a celebration.  They celebrated with a salad feast straight from the garden they planted.  They enjoyed radishes, whose origin is Asia/ China. They also ate a variety of leaf lettuces which historically originated in Europe, Greece, and the Mediterranean. Their feast also included carrots and spinach (origins in Asia and the Middle East)  and shelled peas, which also originated in the Middle East and Asia.  

To accompany the homegrown salad feast, the club members enjoyed store-bought tomatoes because the growing season for tomatoes is longer than the time that was budgeted to grow their crops.  French bread and butter added a final touch to their celebration of a successful garden season. 

Club leaders Karen Wearmouth, Rhoda MarxAbbye Wilson, Becky Holtan, and Laurie Luzadre, along with the Losekes agreed that the teamwork made the club fun, relatively easy, and an experience to be repeated!

Parents were thankful that students were given an opportunity to participate in the Garden Club.  The students were enthusiastic about their participation as well.  If you ask any of them, they'll quickly tell you that they are ready to dig in the dirt again!

After seeing our bountiful raised beds, Mason Redmon, one of Waxhaw's bus drivers, brought in some local watermelon seeds that will produce watermelon with yellow meat! The seeds are currently growing inside. They'll be transplanted before the end of the school year so that they can continue growing over the summer. 

Written by: Rhoda Marx, First grade teacher
Posted: May 16, 2012 by Kimberly Thomas

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