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The Snail and Whale arrives!

Students admiring the latest package from New Zealand

The Snail and Whale arrived safely at Rocky River today after a downpour yesterday. It rained and rained and rained all day. But today was mostly sunny. We tried to figure out what was in the box and Brittany predicted the Snail and Whale project. We’ve been doing a Flat Stanley project so most everyone else guessed more Flat Stanley’s. The Snail and Whale were a surprise for the kids. The Snail and Whale will get to hang out with our Flat Friends from Middleham Primary A Room With a View in North Yorkshire, England.

We are a group of excited 2nd grade (7 and 8 year olds) at Rocky River Elementary in Monroe, North Carolina, USA. We tried to figure out who had them before but it’s not written in the book where they came from. The Classroom Connection from Canada had them late February – early March. Do you know where they were after that?

We are looking forward to hosting them before our school ends. We’ll take care of them and show them around the school.

We can’t load a picture or video because of space so check out our blog site where something will be posted soon. 

Thank you for sending the amazing book! The stuffed whale and snail visited each student in our class. The students at Rocky River Elementary in Mrs. Patterson’s second grade class handled them very gently. “That was the best book ever!” Gregory said. “Fantastic!” added Riley. “That was the coolest book ever!” exclaimed Dylan. ”Our class learned about New Zealand and we think it is an incredible country!” recalled Nathan. Our school year is 180 days long. We only have 17 days left. We are curious about the length of your school year. Hope to blog with you again! Mrs. Patterson’s Second Grade.

Today The Snail and the Whale visited Miss Adams’ second grade class here at Rocky River Elementary School in Monroe, NC, USA. The class enjoyed hearing the story. They have read some other books by Julia Donaldson before. It was really neat to see the other places where the book has travelled. It was fun to get something from NZ because the class has been learning a lot about NZ over the school year. Miss Adams is from Canada but taught in NZ for 2 years in Auckland and has friends from Palmerston North!

Some of the comments from the class

Sam says, “The book was really awesome!”

Kaitlyn says, “The book was really cool and that it was sent from NZ”.

Luke says, “The book was amazing!”

Andrew says, “The book was amazing!”

We also watched a video today about New Zealand and some of the interesting animals and birds that are there.

We were fascinated by some of the unusual creatures!!

Written by: Brenda Todd, Carol Patterson and Nicole Adams 2nd Grade Teachers
Posted: May 21, 2012 by Terry Anderson

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