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Road to Work Team Competes at Transition Fair

Congratulations to the “Road to Work” team, who placed second at the UCPS Transition Fair held on May 17 at South Piedmont Community College. The transition fair is an opportunity for exceptional children to showcase their knowledge of career and employment skills while also learning about community agencies that offer assistance and information to parents and students as to what resources are available after high school.

Piedmont’s Transition to Adulthood class had a team of 4 students who competed in the “Road to Work” competition. The “Road to Work” game is a competition for the Transition to Adulthood classes. The primary purposes are to focus on employability skills, vocabulary, team building and public speaking. In this competition, students had a list of 25 employability words that they had to be able to guess and define in the format of a hangman game. Students on the team were Shawn Baucom (Captain), Wayne Hoxit, Kristin Reid, Paulie Vinson, and Trevor Chaney.

All TTA classes from Union County participated in the event and competitions, and the Piedmont team won their division and then placed 2nd in the championship round. The students have been preparing for this event for the past two months. As part of their preparation, students studied the employability words, played games such as Bingo, were assisted by student peer tutors, and used many other game formats to help them learn the terminology.  When asked about the importance of the Transition Fair for her students, teacher Mariana Oprea stated, “I am very proud of them and I think that everything they have learned will make them better prepared for employment.”

The event was sponsored by the Union County Public Schools’ Exceptional Children’s Department and Union County Vocational Rehabilitation. Mr. Columbus Copeland was the guest speaker and spoke on the importance of self-esteem, maintaining a positive attitude, and identifying and developing one’s personal strengths.

Written by: Donna Helms, Web Editor
Posted: May 23, 2012 by Donna Helms

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