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Researching our way around the World!

This has been an exciting year in first grade! Not only are we doing our best at reading and writing, we have been researching many different countries! Each week in Mrs. Williams’s first grade class there is a “Going Global” question of the week. This question is sent home for each student to research with their family. At the end of the week the class discusses the answer and displays the results in their culture corner. Throughout the year the class has thoroughly researched Australia; discovering their population, prime minister, national colors and many fun facts. Mrs. Williams’s class even did some taste testing of a traditional Australian treat: Vegemite!

Students have also implemented their global learning into social studies time. At the beginning of the year the class dedicated a folder to their Australian and global learning. As students research the weekly question, they record their answers and plan to take them home at the end of school year to share their learning.

Mrs. Williams’s class newest venture is Turkey Time! No, they are not reliving their Thanksgiving memories; they are studying the country Turkey! As displayed in the photos the students are leading a class discussion about the significance of Turkey’s flag. One student is comparing and contrasting the colors to our flag, while other students anxiously await their turn to discuss the symbols used. Within the next few weeks, the students will be able to engage in hands on learning by exploring a culture kit. This culture kit is filled with books, artifacts and photographs directly from Turkey.

Mrs. Williams’s class loves spending time in their culture corner and interacting together to search for the answers. If we don’t know the answer we have grown to love our favorite saying, “Let’s Google it!”




Written by: Lindsey Williams, 1st Grade Teacher
Posted: May 24, 2012 by Jennifer Williams

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