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Celebrating Greek History and Culture

Sixth grade teacher, Jennifer Cassell and her social studies students got a taste of Greek history and culture. Dressed in togas made out of bed sheets and wearing sandals students participated in the first annual PRMS Olympics.

In order to participate in the Greek Olympics, students had to apply what they had learned in Ms. Cassell's class.  Students put to use their knowledge to complete tasks such as creating a city-state. Additionally, students utilized common, everyday materials: forks, ball, hula hoops, and rope to recreate Olympic events. "What I like most about social studies is that Ms. Cassell tries to incorporate some sort of hands-on activities about the cultures we've been learning about," stated Geoffery Ruddleston. Another student, Rodney Patterson, replied, "I like active teachers like Ms. Cassell because I can learn better when things are in movement."

After the Greek Olympics, Ms. Cassell's class sampled Greek foods such as humus, pita bread, Tzatziki, grapes, cucumbers, spanikopita, and many other foods. "Ms Cassell created this for us because she wanted us to understand and appreciate ancient cultures," said Caitlyn Schaeffer. Falena Salcedo responded, "I love trying the foods that ancient cultures ate."

Furthermore, Ms Cassell said, "I am so grateful to the parents of my classes who were involved in this activity. I love teaching Ancient Civilizations and providing the opportunity for students to apply what they have learned into a hand-on activity. This was truly a success, and I appreciate Mr. Harris for allowing me to be proactive in my craft."

Written by: Ms. Cassell's Second Block Students
Posted: May 30, 2012 by Christine Courtney

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